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WHMIS Products

GEMC provides a full range of WHMIS products to assist you and your company in complying with WHMIS regulations. Theses products are vital for you and your employees to understand and maintain a continuing safe and healthy work environment.

GEMC provides several ways to get the information you require.

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SKU: 6000
As it is mandatory that employers provide WHMIS training for their employees it is imperative that the employer understands the regulations. This product will provide employers with all of the comprehensive information set out by the Federal Government with respect to WHMIS. The Ministry of Labour under the provincial Health and Safety Act enforces these regulations.This publication would certainly assist employers with compliance of the regulations as it provides a complete description of what is required on the Safety Data Sheets (SDS). This information could provide life saving information for all employees as they contain the emergency procedures required when an employee comes into contact with a dangerous substance.

$109.00 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)

SKU: 6015
This product is essential for all employees at your workplace. As it is a condensed version of the regulations it will assist the employees with understanding the hazards that they face on a daily basis. The WHMIS legislation was put in place to ensure the safety of all employees and it is the responsibility of the employer to have the necessary information available. All of the Hazard symbols are clearly displayed and explained so that the employee will know exactly the hazards they are facing when they are handling a dangerous substance in the workplace whether it a compressed gas, a toxic, an infectious substance, a poison or a corrosive substance. $8.95 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)
SKU: 6005
This poster displays all of the key elements of the system such as the cautionary labelling of containers of WHMIS “controlled products” and the necessary information to be included on safety data sheets (SDSs). This product also displays all of the necessary information regarding the WHMIS symbols. As most employees may not carry their handbook with them at all times, the poster is the perfect product to hang in your establishment to ensure employee safety at all times.$22.55 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)
SKU: 6010
Instructors Manual 
Often employers delegate one person to conduct WHMIS instruction at the workplace. This package includes all of the products necessary for the instructor to teach the program. As it is probably not the only course being taught by the instructor it is easy to pick up this product and teach the employees in need of training. Included in the package are following products; the WHMIS Regulations, a WHMIS Poster, a WHMIS handbook, exercise with answers, an employee test and a WHMIS certificate.$424.00 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra) 

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