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GEMC provides a full range of “TDG” products to assist you and your company in complying with “TDG” regulations. Theses products are vital for you and your employees to understand and maintain a continuing safe and healthy work environment.

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SKU: 5000
ACT & Regulations (Printed Version)
It is imperative that all companies that handle, offer for transport or receive dangerous goods have a copy of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act & Regulations (Clear Language Edition) available to their employees. This book will provide the necessary information for consignors to classify, mark, package and document their dangerous goods safely and legally. 
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The regulations contain a listing of 3300 dangerous products and the association UN numbers as well as all of the necessary information required for preparing to ship the dangerous product. The regulations are often useful for companies when they run into questions from their vendors.It is apparent that a large number of companies have not been trained on the new legislation and it may be necessary to provide proof to those people that are not in compliance with Clear Language. This book would be used within a company and not necessarily conducive for drivers as it is a very large publication.$164.50 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)


SKU: 5015 *NEW*
The TDG handbook is essential for the driver (carrier) but is also a useful tool for the consignor and the consignee. It is an easy to read version of the aspects of the legislation, which are commonly required to conduct day-to-day business functions with respect to the transportation of dangerous goods. This handbook provides a documentation checklist, which will help to minimize the errors made. Remember sixty-seven percent of the fines last year were documentation errors. The handbook outlines compliance issues and provides a very clear understanding of the 500kg exemption and the limited quantity exemption. $9.40 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)SKU:5016 TDG French Handbook $9.40 (CDN +GST + Shipping)
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SKU: 5030
Independent Study Program
If you are self-employed this product is a must have for you. You will find everything you need to be in compliance in a very short period of time. It is far less- expensive to purchase this product than having to pay for the fine from the government for not being trained. The book is easy to read and the answers to the questions are very easy to find. It is well worth your while to check out this product.
$34.95 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)

SKU: 5005
TDG Poster
The TDG Poster is an extremely useful tool to have in your shipping and receiving area. It provides all of the necessary information regarding documentation, safety marks and reporting requirements. This poster also provides explicit information regarding the NEW UN packaging standards, which becomes law on January 1, 2003.$34.95 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)SKU:5006: TDG French Poster $34.95
(CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)
SKU: 5035
– The TDG workbook is used in conjunction with classroom training. The workbook contains a colour classification guide and a glossary of useful terms. The numerous exercises throughout the workbook assist with understanding the regulations. In conjunction with the TDG Act & Regulations, this product is a valuable asset for all instructors.$29.00 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)
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Instructors Package This is a very comprehensive TDG package prepared to be used by qualified Instructors. The Instructors Package includes; a TDG ACT and Regulations, a PowerPoint presentation, an Instructors manual, a TDG poster, a TDG workbook, a TDG handbook, exercises with answers and an examination. $494.00 (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra) 
SKU 5040: TDG Update Service  $100.00  (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)SKU 5045: TDG Classification Guide $3.95  (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)SKU 5046: TDG Classification Guide French $3.95  (CDN. Funds GST and Shipping Extra)