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Air Products

GEMC provides a full range of AIR products to assist you and your company in complying with AIR regulations. Theses products are vital for you and your employees to understand and maintain a continuing safe and healthy work environment.

GEMC provides several ways to get the information you require.

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ICAO Technical Instructions Regulations
Comprehensive specifications for safely transporting dangerous good by air, worldwide.
Dangerous goods can be carried safely by air transport providing certain principles
are adopted. These principles have been used in developing the Technical Instructions.
They are intended to facilitate transport while providing a level of safety such that
dangerous goods can be carried without placing an aircraft or its occupants at risk,
providing all the requirements are fulfilled


Air Training Participant Manual
• Classification (9 classes and packing groups)
• Selecting proper shipping name, alphabetical and numerical lists
• Packing requirements, UN specification packages and incompatible dangerous goods
• Requirements for marking and labeling of packages and overpacks
• Completion of Shipper’s Declaration ICAO

ICAO Classification Guide
• Full color guide and checklist for shipping and/or accepting dangerous goods by air

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