Each day, products defined as dangerous goods, that are necessary for maintaining Canadians quality of life are shipped from one point to another within Canada. These shipments are far too numerous to accurately record but number in the multi-millions each year. There is a great potential for endangering human life and damaging our environment through mishaps in the course of transport. The safe transportation of these dangerous goods is regulated in Canada by Transport Canada.

While regulation of an industry is sometimes regarded as an obstacle to commerce, those involved in the industry as well as the general public support this regulation. They recognize that the primary purpose is to ensure the safety of everyone affected by the movement of dangerous goods and the preservation of our environment. The potentially dire consequences of uncontrolled movements of the many dangerous goods created by our society certainly underscore the need for effective regulation, training and enforcement.

GEMC has the ability to simplify the complicated legislation and provide practical compliance tools to meet the needs of our customer base. The principals of the company have extensive experience in transportation, occupational safety, environmental issues, training and program development.

GEMC is a publishing, training and consulting company in the areas of TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods), WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) and IATA (International Air Transportation Association).
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